Youth Nationals LiveStream Fundraising Campaign

Apr 23, 2023

Climbing Escalade Canada needs your help!

The CEC has been holding National Championships each year in order to support our athletes in reaching new international heights. However, did you know that each time the CEC hosts a national event, it loses significant money? We all know that National Competitions are important in the development of our Canadian Climbing athletes, and we would like your help!

Examining the costs of the event show that the biggest expenses related to hosting a competition are Gym Rental Fees, Setting and Official Teams, and Livestream.

We can’t have a competition without the first two, a great facility and quality setters and officials are vital to each event’s success! Although we don’t need a Livestream to run an event, we love what a Livestream can bring to a community. Friends and family can watch the athletes compete, fans of the sport can follow their favourite athletes, and we want to encourage more participation in climbing across the country. We get over 30 thousand views on our senior national events! Despite all of these positives, Livestreaming our events costs the CEC over $7000 per climbing discipline (lead, bouldering and speed!).

We are actively looking for sponsors to help us offset these costs, and talking with private companies that may be interested in covering the cost of the livestream for additional visibility. Although we are thankful for our current sponsors, we have yet to secure the funding needed for the Livestream.

Here is where you come in. We are launching a Fundraising Campaign to support the cost of the Livestream for the 2022-2023 Youth National Championships. Are you a user of our CEC YouTube Channel? Have you enjoyed our coverage of National Events in the past? Are you a fan of Canadian competition climbing? Do you want to watch the next generation of young athletes compete?

If so, please help us by donating to this campaign. Help us cover the ever rising costs of hosting events, by contributing directly to what you benefit the most from. Donors will receive an official Taxes Receipt!

The CEC is always looking for ways to raise funds to support our athletes and run our events. We would welcome any ideas, connections, or thoughts on raising funds, sponsorships, and ways to improve these events for our athletes. If you have any ideas or opportunities, please reach out to

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