Youth Boulder Regionals – WEST provisional Schedule

Dec 19, 2019

CEC Youth Boulder Regionals – WEST

Provisional Schedule

Friday January 24

6-7pm – registration
7pm technical meeting

Saturday, January 25

630-730am: Iso for Youth C male, and all Youth B’s
745am: First climbers of group 1
9-10am: Iso Youth C female and all Youth A and Junior
1015am: Youth C male and Youth B ends
1030am: First climbers of group 2
4pm: Qualifiers end ends

430pm-515pm: Iso for Semis for Youth C, A’s and Juniors
530pm-730pm: Semis for Youth C male and Youth A’s
705-925pm: Semis for Youth C female and Juniors

Sunday, January 26

630-730am: Iso for semis Youth B’s
745-955pm: Semis for Youth B’s
11-1145am: Iso for all Finalists

1215pm: Presentation and finals begin for Youth C male and Juniors
230pm: Presentation and finals begin for Youth C female and Youth A’s
445pm: Presentation and finals begin for Youth B’s

Awards to follow

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