Thanks to Greg Locke as he steps down from CEC Board

Oct 14, 2020

The Board of Directors of Climbing Escalade Canada (CEC) wishes to share the news that Greg Locke, a member of our Board, has decided to step down from his position as a director of the CEC. We are deeply grateful for the work that Greg has done for CEC and appreciate his dedication to the climbing community and the impact he has had on our sport in Canada.

Greg served on the CEC Board for five years, having played a key role in creating the CEC as a National Sports Organization (NSO) for climbing, separate from the Alpine Club of Canada. During that time, Greg was instrumental in building the CEC to where it is now, working tirelessly to setup the operations, IT and infrastructure required to build an NSO from the ground up. Over the years, Greg has also been a leader at the grass roots level in the Maritime provinces, ensuring that athletes from the east have a pathway to compete nationally.

The Board of Directors of CEC would like to express our thanks to Greg for his significant contribution to our sport and wish him well with his continued endeavours. We are sure that Greg will remain an active and dynamic member of the climbing community in Canada.


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