Strong showing of Canadian athletes at first NACS event of 2024

Apr 29, 2024

The first leg of the 2024 North American Cup Series (NACS) took place this weekend in Salt Lake City, USA. This event had all 3 disciplines, and showcased a huge turnout of athletes. 39 Canadians were there, and they delivered amazing performances!

Congratulations to all our Canadian athletes! A special shout out to our athlete who conquered the podium!

  • Guy McNamee won the Men’s Boulder competition!
  • Becca Frangos took silver in Women’s Lead
  • Madison Richardson finished 3rd in Women’s Boulder

CNR Rankings have now been updated based on these results.

Lead – Men
4th – Kindar McNamee
6th – Guy McNamee
12th – Hugo Dorval
15th – Oscar Baudrand
35th – Ian Tan
36th – TJ Foley
38th – Dylan Smith
40th – Matthew Rodriguez
73rd – Aidan Pinsk

Lead – Women
2nd – Becca Frangos
6th – Babette Roy
11th – Molly Dreher
13th – Caiya Taylor-Ainslie
25th – Cedar Pidgeon
49th – Jenice Ma
51st – Riley Doherty

Speed – Men
13th – Jack Whitney
19th – Liam Klettke
23rd – Geoff Arrowsmith
27th – Braeden Bossert
28th – Toby Bossert
34th – Zachary Zhao

Speed – Women
8th – Elise Villeneuve

Boulder – Men
1st – Guy McNamee
4th – Zach Richardson
8th – Matthew Rodriguez
9th – Kindar McNamee
17th – TJ Foley
23rd – Hugo Dorval
25th – Ian Tan
35th – Frederic Ho
45th – Nathaniel Smith
61st – Dylan Smith
65th – Jonah Caldwell
71st – Jaeden McLean
71st – Dawson Shepherd
75th – Chris Taylor
85th – Stephen Morton
104th – Aidan Pinsk

Boulder – Women
3rd – Madison Richardson
6th – Anna Kelley
9th – Babette Roy
23rd – Caiya Taylor-Ainslie
27th – Cedar Pidgeon
29th – Brooke White
31st – Evangelina Briggs
33rd – Sabrina Thayer-Head
37th – Jacqueline Ho
45th – Molly Dreher
47th – Jenice Ma
51st – Elise Villeneuve
53rd – Kira Stewart
69th – Hannah Musgrave

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