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CEC is going Virtual!

With the objective of keeping costs down and athlete experience up, the 2023 Speed HP Competition will be held in an hybrid format (in-persona and virtually), in 4 locations in Canada, on March 12th 2023!

Invited Athletes will have the choice to attend and compete at 1 of 4 host locations:

  • Horizon Roc – Montreal, QC
  • Boiler Room – Kingston, ON
  • CCC Rocky Mountain – Calgary, AB
  • Richmond Oval – Richmond, BC


Justification for Virtual Format

The primary objectives of all High Performance Competitions are:

  • to provide a level of domestic competition between Senior Nationals and International competitions
  • to present athletes with a competition environment that more closely represents the demands of IFSC events
  • to provide a second domestic opportunity (1 being senior nationals) to collect points in the CNR

In Boulder and Lead, objectives 1 and 2 are accomplished through the contracting of IFSC routesetters and the presentation of IFSC level boulders and routes.

In Speed, objectives 1 and 2 above are only achieved by depth and strength of field as the speed route does not change. After considering the current depth of field in Canada, CEC staff have concluded that an in-person Speed HP Comp does not adequately serve objectives 1 and 2 to the degree that the cost to athletes to travel and attend a Speed HP Competition is equal to the value it would provide. Objective #3 can be achieved through a virtual format at significantly reduced cost to athletes. A virtual Speed HP competition will also provide some of the motivation, excitement and other benefits of a full in-person event.


HP Competition – Speed

Info Sheet


  • Date: March 12, 2023
  • Venues (athletes choose 1):
  • Discipline: Speed
  • Cost: $60
  • Registration is Live through your athlete profile: Please be sure to pick the correct location!


  • Technical Delegate – Sebastian Powell
  • Head Judges (1 per location) – TBA



  1. 2 runs with a minimum rest period of 10 min between each run


  1. 2 runs per regular IFSC Rules
  2. Minimum of 10 min between qualification runs
  3. 1 in Lane A, 1 in Lane B. (See sample schedule below)

Round of 16

  1. Pairings published including times from previous rounds
  2. Each race is given a designated time window to be completed (see sample schedule below).
  3. Local officials in each location conduct runs within the designated time window. Starts are not synchronized unless in the same location.
  4. If athletes paired are in the same location, perform head-to-head race.
  5. Race Winners (fastest times) move on to subsequent rounds (1/4, Semi, Final). 
  6. Race Losers are eliminated and are ranked as per IFSC rules.


Results from each round will be provided through Vertical Life and published in each location.

Race pairings for round of 16 and beyond will include names, locations and previous round times.

Rankings at the end of the competition will be according to standard IFSC/ CEC rules.

Final Qualifying Schedule and Pairings:



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