Spectators and Tickets at Youth National Championships

May 7, 2022

With the return to competition following a two years hiatus, CEC has opened the door of the 2021-2022 Youth Combined National Championships to as many participants as possible, making this upcoming event the largest CEC event ever!! We are expecting over 300 athletes during the Boulder event, and 270 at the Lead one, from 10 different provinces and territories!

As a result, we are reaching fire capacity legally allowed by each gym. We are forced to limit the number of people able to access the facilities for the safety of everyone involved.  The CEC and hosting facilities have agreed on the following procedure for spectators and ticketing for the event.


  1. There will be no spectators allowed during Qualifications – May 19 (Boulder) and May 22 (Lead)
    • Athlete and Coaches are only allowed in the gym during their specific round
    • We have confirmed with Sport Canada TV that there will be livestream for Qualifiers available on the CEC YouTube channel
  2. There will be tickets for Semi-Finals and Finals – May 20-21 (Boulder) and May 23 (Lead)
    • Each athlete qualified for the respective round will be given one ticket for a family or friend. These can be collected at the venue once results are posted
    • Only coaches with athletes qualified for the respective round will be given access to the facility, all other coaches, athletes, and spectators must purchase a ticket


  • We need a lot of volunteers to make this event happen.  For an event this size, there are over 300 volunteer opportunities!!!!
  • If you volunteer, you get free access to the facility, food and a t-shirt. PLUS A FRONT ROW SEAT TO THE SHOW
  • Many opportunities do not require any experience.



Tickets are limited, we recommend you purchase in advance.

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For questions or comments, please contact competition@climbingcanada.ca

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