Save the Date! High Performance Competition March 10&11, 2022

Nov 23, 2021

CEC is proud to announce the dates and location for the 2022 High Performance Competition. This is the 2nd domestic event for athletes to earn points in the Continuous National Ranking (CNR).

When & Where?

March 10&11/ 2022 @ Richmond Olympic Oval, Richmond, BC
The HP Competition includes all 3 disciplines (Lead, Boulder, Speed). The schedule of events is TBA.



Invitations to the High Performance Competition are made as follows: (copied from the Amended High Performance Program document)

A.1 Invitations TO HP Competitions

The following athletes will receive invitations to HP Competitions:

  1. *Current HPP Athletes (all squads) – discipline-specific
  2. Ranked in the Top 6 of an Individual Discipline CNR following Senior National Championships
  3. Ranked in the Top 8 of Combined (lead/boulder) CNR following Senior National Championships
  4. Athletes outside of the HPP who:
    1. Finish top 10 at the National Championships: If an athlete in the top 10 declines the HP competition invitation, alternates will be invited to position 12 from senior nationals only.
  5. Recognized PTSO extra quota:
    1. Each recognized PTSO may submit 2 additional athletes per gender and discipline for invitation to HP Competitions.
    2. Each PTSO has full autonomy over the selection process for HP Competition extra quotas. Athletes submitted as PTSO extra quota must have had competed at the previous discipline-based senior nationals OR have valid and documented exemption from either CEC or PTSO.
    3. A PTSO can decline to name athletes in these extra quotas position. If unused, there will be no reallocation of quotas to another PTSO.


*2022 only. Due to COVID-19 and participation restrictions, invitations to the HP Competition in March or April 2022 will be extended to 2021 HPP Athletes.

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