Revised Board Mandate

Sep 8, 2020

Climbing Escalade Canada (CEC) is committed to increasing diversity within the Climbing community and to creating a welcoming environment for all. This must happen at at all levels, including within our organization’s governance.

As such, the CEC Board of Directors has reviewed its mandate to include a Diversity Clause (section 4). This clause will ensure that, through the board nomination process, CEC recruits more diverse candidates for election on the board of directors.

“The Corporation believes in diversity and values the benefits that diversity can bring to the entire Corporation and all stakeholders, namely through its Board and the executive officers. Diversity promotes the inclusion of different perspectives and ideas, mitigates against groupthink and ensures that the Corporation has the opportunity to benefit from all available talent. The promotion of a diverse Board and executive officers makes for better corporate governance.”

The CEC will review its Nomination Process guidelines to ensure this policy is applied in our recruitment process. The directors of CEC are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in May of each year.

CEC wishes to thank the Diversity and Inclusion Committee for their help in reviewing the Diversity Clause.

All current CEC policies can be viewed here: 

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