Request for Proposals (RFP) – Community Sport for All Initiative

Feb 11, 2022

Sport Canada recently launched a new funding opportunity, the Community Sport for All Initiative (CSAI). This funding envelope seeks to “remove barriers and increase sport participation rates for underrepresented groups. Its key objective is to support community sport initiatives for equity-deserving groups, in particular, Black, indigenous, 2SLGBTQQIA+, and Newcomers to increase participation and retention in sport.”

The CSAI funding is directed at applicant organizations such as Climbing Escalade Canada to administer and disburse project funding to community organizations to deliver community sport initiatives that contribute to and align with the objectives of the Sport Support Program. Climbing Escalade Canada wishes to partner with Community Organizations and / or community sport initiatives to deliver on the vision of the CSAI.

Interested organizations must submit their project proposal, in the form of a description letter, to Christiane Marceau, Executive Director of CEC, at Applications must be received by March 1, 2022.

Application letter should include the following sections:

  • Organization Information (name, mission, contact info, website)
  • Description of the project, including
    • How it will support the objective of the CSAI
    • How it will align with the principles below
    • Key activities planned between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023, and
    • Expected and measurable results
  • Detailed budget, adhering to the eligible and ineligible expenses below.

CEC will review all proposals received, and may schedule a follow up meeting with some / all of the candidates to discuss details of the proposal. Projects related to Sport Climbing (bouldering, lead, and speed; indoor facilities) will be preferred, but CEC will also consider activities related to outdoor climbing (rock, ice, access).

CEC will use the following principles to determine ideal partner(s) for this funding:

  • Affordable: projects will be delivered with minimal to no cost to participants.
  • Results oriented: projects will be delivered in such a way as to increase participation and retention of equity-deserving communities and, ultimately, drive behavioural change.
  • Focused on organized sport: while other activities may be included (such as movement skills development), the primary activity must be organized sport, and must adhere to safe sport practices.
  • Green: delivery of the projects should produce minimal or positive environmental impact.
  • Accessible: projects must be tailored to the needs of one or more equity-deserving groups but need not be exclusionary and can be open to all and should allow for a wide range of athletic ability.
  • Available: projects should seek to be delivered in underserved communities and to achieve regional diversity.

Sport Canada has listed the following eligible expenses:

  • Administration: up to 10% of total funding
  • Salaries, fees and benefits
  • Operations and programming: delivery of funding disbursement, community sport initiatives content development and delivery, resource design printing and distribution, translations, and travel, meals, accommodation, and facility rentals
  • Research: costs related to the planning, evaluation and documentation of results of the community sport initiative

Sport Canada has listed the following ineligible expenses:

  • Capital costs
  • Costs of sales
  • Fundraising
  • Medals, Awards, Trophies and Banquets
  • Personal items
  • Expenses incurred before written confirmation of funding approval

Once selected, CEC will work with successful organizations and / or initiatives to develop a complete proposal for Sport Canada. Deadline for proposals is March 1, 2022, in order to meet the Sport Canada submission date of April 4, 2022.

Questions or comments can be directed to





Administrative costs related to the actual costs associated with administering the project. You may allocate up to 10% of your total funding toward administration costs.

Salaries, fees and benefits
These are costs of employing or contracting part-time and full-time staff to support or oversee the activities and/or administration of the funding agreement.

Eligible expenses include:
contracts and honoraria; and
pro-rated salaries/wages, statutory deductions and benefits.

Operations and programming
These are costs associated with the planning and/or delivery of your project.

Eligible expenses include:
delivery of funding disbursement;
community sport initiatives content development and delivery;
resource design, printing and distribution;
translation services for web content, promotional material and activities, social media, communication and documents related to the project; and
travel, meals, accommodation, facility rental for program delivery or development opportunities.

All uniforms and sporting equipment for the project as well as office equipment must remain the
property of the funded organization.

These are costs related to the planning, evaluation and documentation of results of the community sport initiative.

Eligible expenses include:
contracts and/or honoraria;
data development and management; and
evaluation and reporting.


Ineligible expenses include:
capital costs: a tangible asset held for long-term use rather than for sale, such as building or land owned by the organization;
costs of sales;
medals, awards, trophies and banquets; and
personal items.

We cannot fund expenses incurred before we receive your application. If you incur expenses for your project before receiving written confirmation of your funding approval, you will be doing so at your own risk.

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