Official Language Policy

Sep 10, 2020

The CEC Board of Directors has recently approved an Official Languages Policy in order to recognize the importance of both official languages in Canada, and the need for diverse representation within our organization.

“The English language and the French language are both recognized as official languages in Canada. Climbing Escalade Canada (CEC) recognizes these Official Languages and that, as the National Sport Organization for Climbing in Canada, we have a responsibility to provide information to our various stakeholders in the Official Language of their preference.”

CEC will make the upmost efforts to ensure communication in both languages simultaneously, and to provide services in the language of the participant’s choice. Our Executive Director, Christiane Marceau, is bilingual and can assist you in your preferred language. Multiple members of our board of directors are also bilingual.

All current CEC policies can be viewed here: 

For questions or comments, please contact Christiane Marceau, our Executive Director, at

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