High Performance Program


Climbing Escalade Canada’s High Performance Program (HPP) enhances athlete development and performance through support from CEC Coaching Staff, invitations to Training Camps and access to Canadian Sport System resources.  

The objective of the HPP is to increase the number of Canadian athletes achieving top 15 results at World Cup, World Championships and Olympic Games competitions.

CEC High Performance Program identifies athletes in Train to Compete, Learning to Win, and Winning for a Living stages of CEC’s Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) framework. The HPP is aligned with CEC’s high-performance strategies and funding partners, such as Sport Canada and Own the Podium (OTP).


HPP Framework

The following documents and corresponding program components work together to provide the framework for High Performance Program:

  1. The High Performance Program document outlines program eligibility, benefits and program entry criteria.
  2. The Continuous National Ranking (CNR) document describes how National Rankings are determined. More info and the rankings themselves can be found here.
  3. The Event Team Selections document details how athletes are selected for international competitions.


2024 HPP and IFSC Selections

2024 Quotas for Canada

Base Quotas Additional Quotas Total
Boulder Men 2 0 2
Boulder Women 2 1 3
Lead Men 2 1 3
Lead Women 2 0 2
Speed Men 2 0 2
Speed Women 2 0 2


2024 Calendar of Selection

World Cups Dates Disciplines Selection Deadline (no later than...)
First High Performance Program Intake* January 1st for B and L February 20 for S
IFSC World Cup in Keqiao, China 9 to 10 April Boulder Feb, 15 (because of China visa app)
IFSC World Cup in Wujiang, China 12 to 14 April Lead, Speed Feb, 15 (because of China visa app)
IFSC World Cup in Salt Lake City, USA 3 to 5 May Boulder, Speed April 1st
Second High Performance Program Intake* May 6th for all disciplines
First OQS Event, China** 16 to 19 May B&L, Speed Qualification through IFSC
Second OQS Event, Budapest** 20 to 23 June B&L, Speed Qualification through IFSC
IFSC World Cup in Innsbruck, Austria 26 to 30 June Boulder, Lead May 25th
IFSC World Cup in Chamonix, France 12 to 14 July Lead, Speed June 15th
IFSC World Cup in Briançon, France 17 to 19 July Lead, Speed June 15th
IFSC World Cup in Koper, Slovenia 6 to 7 September Lead August 1st
IFSC World Cup in Prague, Czech Republic 20 to 22 Sept Boulder August 15th
IFSC World Cup in Seoul, South Korea 2 to 6 October Boulder, Lead, Speed September 1st


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