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Climbing Facilities Guidance Documents
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  1. CEC Return to Climb Guidelines – Supporting Athletes and Coaches in their Return to Training plan
  2. Club Risk Assessment and Mitigation Checklist Tool


  1. The CEC COVID-19 Guidance Document: Suggestions, Tools, and Considerations Aimed to Assist Climbing Gyms Mitigate Potential Risks in the era of COVID-19 (pdf)
  2. Fillable Worksheet (.doc)
  3. CWA Reopening Guidance (web)


The CEC has produced a marketing kit to support climbing gyms in educating their clientele. 


The CEC and the PSOs have sign an open letter of support for the climbing industry. When lobbying to provincial government and public health authorities, climbing gym owners should add this letter to their package. This will provide a national voice to their lobbying campaign. We are always stronger together, and government respond better when local efforts are supported by recognized Provincial and National Sport Organizations.


The National Pandemic-Response Task Force has agreed on two mandates:

Lobbying & Marketing


  • Empower gym owners to lobby on behalf of the national and provincial sport organizations by providing them with a letter to support their outreach.
  • Echo the gym owners request to government by utilizing the CEC political network.
  • Message the climbing community about the efforts currently in place.
  • Offer marketing tools to gym owners in an effort to reduce their costs to implement proper education in their facilities.

Guidelines & Resources


  • Review guidelines provided by local health authorities and government (municipal, provincial and federal).
  • Review resources shared by National Climbing Federations.
  • Develop a Guidance Document and tools to help gym owners navigate through the many recommendations and guidelines, while providing flexibility for provincial and local adaptations.
  • Offer clear suggestions on how to implement guidelines into the climbing facilities, should gym owners be looking for additional support.

Meeting Minutes

2020-04-17 COVID-19 Task Force Meeting Minutes
2020-04-17 Slides
2020-05-01 National Pandemic-Response Task Force Meeting Minutes
2020-05-08 National Pandemic-Response Task Force Meeting Minutes

Community Updates

2020-04-27 Update #1
2020-05-12 Update #2
2020-05-16 Update #3
2020-05-24 Update #4

Members of National Pandemic-Response Task Force

  • Adam Morgan – Fredericton Bouldering Co-op – Fredericton, NB
  • Andrew Coffey – The Hive – Vancouver, BC
  • Alexandra Wojcicki – CWA Representative – USA
  • Christiane Marceau – CEC lead – Ottawa, ON
  • Davis Barton – OCF Representative – Kingston, ON
  • Gabriel D’amour – DÉLIRE – Beauport, QC
  • Jean-François M. Carrier – Le Crux – Boisbriand, QC
  • Jean-Marc De La Plante – Allez up – Montréal, QC
  • Jordan Mackay – Regina Climbing Centre – Regina, SK
  • Kenneth Cronin – Crag X & CWA – Victoria, BC
  • Kori Cuthbert – The Hive – Winnipeg, MB
  • Lauren Watson – Ground Up Climbing – Squamish, BC
  • Mathieu Des Rochers – FQME Representative – Montreal, QC
  • Matthew Languay – Basecamp Climbing – Toronto, ON
  • Michelle Ang – Subject matter expert (Ontario Health) – Toronto, ON
  • Olivier Birot – Subject matter expert (York University) – Toronto, ON
  • Philip Ainslie – Subject matter expert (UBC) – Vancouver, BC
  • Regan Kennedy – ACA Representative – Calgary, AB
  • Silvia McBurney – BOULDERZ Climbing Centre – Toronto, ON
  • Stephen Cheung – Subject matter expert (Brock University) – Toronto, ON
  • Terry Spurrell – SCBC representative – Vancouver, BC

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