Continuous National Ranking

The purpose of the Continuous National Ranking (CNR) is to provide a system for ranking athletes based on performances at multiple levels of domestic, continental and world competitions. The CNR calculation will remain consistent from season to season and is the base framework for athlete selections.


CNR Framework


CURRENT CNR Rankings – Updated June 25, 2024

CNR BOULDER – Female                                       CNR BOULDER – Male

CNR LEAD – Female                                               CNR LEAD – Male

CNR SPEED – Female                                             CNR SPEED – Male


CNR Rationale

The CNR was created in an extensive collaboration/consultation with the following groups:

  • Athlete Commission
  • PTSO reps
  • HP Committee
  • Sport Partners (Own The Podium, Sport Canada)

CEC performed a detailed analysis of IFSC and Domestic Results over the 2016-2020 seasons. This historical data was used to understand and account for the factors that affect results at each level (strength of field, size of field and level of competition). The resulting CNR calculation includes these factors in order to best represent relative performances.

The CNR includes results from the events below:

    • CEC National Events (CEC Competitions and HPP Competitions)
    • Continental Events (IFSC Pan Am Series, North American Cup Series)
    • International Events (IFSC World Cups, World Championships, Youth World Championships)
    • Major Games (Olympics and Pan American Games)


Athlete Rankings are updated in real time following each event and will change throughout each competition season. This provides the following benefits:

  • Easier to understand (only 1 system that remains consistent from season to season)
  • Allows for more movement within HP program providing opportunity for more athletes
  • Discourages athlete complacency while encouraging positive internal competition in HP program
  • Provides multiple entry points to HP program


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