CEC’s New High Performance Structure

Jul 10, 2024

Dear CEC community, 

I am excited and thrilled to be reaching out to you via my first blog post.

To start, I’d like to briefly introduce myself for those who may not know me yet. My name is Adrian Mayost, and I joined CEC as the High Performance coordinator on May 1, 2024. My educational background is in exercise science and sport management, and prior to my start in this new position I was a member of CEC’s High Performance Committee for 3 years. My main focus this year will be to implement the changes that were recommended through the High Performance Review conducted in the fall of 2023. The CEC has planned a  two-year timeline to implement  the recommendations  into reality. We will be in continuous consultation with the athletes along the way. 

Before we determine what changes the High Performance Program (HPP) requires, we must first understand the program’s objectives. The HPP aims to identify and support talented climbers across all three disciplines so that athletes may pursue their high performance ambitions. The program is not only about individual success, but also about fostering a cohesive team environment where athletes can thrive together. This team-oriented approach aims to maximize performance and create a supportive network for Canadian climbers. The HPP is composed of various members who must collectively work together in order to function as needed, and the first step in implementing change is creating a new framework that will support our Canadian athletes. 

New HPP Structure

With this in mind, we are excited to share with you the first step in this process by presenting the new structure of the HPP. The following organigram demonstrates the relationships between its various members.

To fully understand the organigram we will examine each component in further detail.


At CEC, we value being an athlete-centered organization and this is why at the heart of our new structure are the athletes themselves. Every aspect of our program is tailored to meet their needs, ensuring they receive comprehensive support throughout their training and competition journey. Surrounding our athletes is a robust framework comprising various integral components.

High-Performance Coordinator (HPC)

The HPC (myself) plays a pivotal role in our new structure, acting as the central figure who oversees and coordinates the efforts of the HPP. This ensures that all support activities are aligned and working synergistically to benefit the athletes. The HPC also serves as a key point of communication between the various groups involved in the HPP.

Integrated Support Team (IST)

The IST is a dedicated group of professionals including coaches, strength and conditioning specialists, mental consultants, nutritionists, and more. This team collaborates closely to provide holistic support, addressing every aspect of an athlete’s preparation and performance. As part of the continued review, we will be considering how to work more closely with the athletes’ personal coaches within the IST.

Athletes’ Commission

The Athletes’ Commission provides a platform for athletes to voice their opinions, concerns, and suggestions. This ensures that the athletes’ perspectives are heard and considered in decision-making processes, fostering an environment where their welfare and input are prioritized. More information about the Athletes’ Commission can be found here.

High-Performance Department

The most significant change from our review is the creation of a High-Performance Department within CEC. The department encompasses several critical committees and groups that work together to uphold the standards and objectives of our program. Managed by the High Performance Coordinator, these committees will provide expert advice on future and on-going projects. 

HP Governance Committee (HPGC)

The HPGC will be responsible for overseeing the governance of the HPP, which includes reviewing and applying our various policies and processes. Notably, the HPGC will review and update selection policies in alignment with the HPP vision. Using the CNR, the committee will ensure that selection policies are adhered to and communicated clearly and transparently to athletes.

Terms of Reference

Continuous National Ranking (CNR) Consultant and CNR Working Group

The CNR working group will be a collective of individuals who possess skills in sport data tasked with improving the quality of our CNR. The working group will be led by the CNR consultant, who will also be a member of the HPGC. This group will revise and update the CNR on an annual basis and in a transparent manner communicate its calculations to athletes. 

Terms of Reference

Performance Advisory Group (PAG)

The PAG will provide expert advice and insights on performance matters to continually enhance the program’s effectiveness. Members of the PAG will be experts in the fields of sport performance such as exercise science, nutrition, sport psychology, physical therapy, medicine and more. 

Terms of Reference

The call for applications to the above mentioned committees has been opened and we encourage all members of CEC’s community to apply! If you are interested in applying you can visit the following link. Call for Applications – Volunteer-based Committees – Climbing Escalade Canada (climbingcanada.ca)

The success of our HPP relies on seamless collaboration and communication between a network of climbing groups. The interconnected structure ensures that information flows smoothly, allowing for quick responses to any issues and continuous improvement of our support strategies.

Our new HPP structure is a testament to CEC’s commitment to do better by our athletes. By placing athletes at the center of our structure and surrounding them with a dedicated support network, we aim to create an environment where they can thrive and achieve their full potential. We are excited to launch this new structure today. A call for applications for the above listed committees will be published shortly. Anyone interested in supporting our athletes in a positive and meaningful way are encouraged to apply! Stay tuned for more updates as we move forward with implementing the review.

If you have any questions about our new structure, please reach out to me at: adrien@climbingcanada.ca


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