CEC Welcomes new Directors

Sep 27, 2022

CEC held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on September 20, 2022, at which time elections for the Board of Directors took place. We wish to welcome Mohammad Havaledar and Rahul Sapra as newly elected directors, and to express gratitude to our outgoing directors, Jeff Taylor and Stacey Weldon.

2022-2023 CEC Board of Directors:

  • Elise Sethna
  • Joachim Stroink
  • Kathy Woods
  • Michelle Ang
  • Mohammad Havaledar
  • Nicolas Valence
  • Paul Dormaar
  • Rahul Sapra


To reach the CEC Board of Directors: chair@climbingcanada.ca


Newly Elected Directors

CEC wishes to welcome its newly appointed directors, Mohammad Havaledar and Rahul Sapra.

Mohammad Havaledar

Mohammad brings to the CEC Board extensive international experience through his work with the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) as Chair of the Marketing and TV Commission, his involvement with the International Sport Climbing Federation Asian Council (IFSCAC), and through his involvement with the Iran Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation (IMSCF).

Professionally, Mohammad has over a decade of experience as a data analyst. Mohammad has recently moved to Canada. His main activity in the sport of climbing is judging in various competitions, routesetting and coaching. He brings an impressive value from a technical perspective to the board. He still enjoys climbing indoor and outdoor.

Rahul Sapra

Rahul has a long history with CEC, first as a competitive athlete representing Canada at IFSC events and for the past two years on the CEC’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Rahul is currently working with Blake, Cassels & Graydon, a leading Canadian law firm, where he is completing his articles. Professionally, he brings with him excellent legal, governance, finance, and risk management skills.


Outgoing Directors

CEC wishes to express its many thanks to our outgoing directors, Jeff Taylor and Stacey Weldon.

Jeff Taylor

We all want to say a huge thank you for the incredible commitment Jeff made to CEC over the past 4+ years. It’s hard to imagine where CEC would be now if it weren’t for his time, efforts and contributions. CEC has a strong and stable governance approach, not-for-profit corporate structure, and suite of policies. Jeff was instrumental in making all this happen and more.

We will miss Jeff’s sage advice and thoughtful perspectives as a board member. He has always been able to find the sweet spot between the sometimes conflicting needs of the climbing community with the legal and business needs of the organization. His contribution, not just at board meetings but also being just a call away when his wisdom was needed, have been invaluable. Jeff’s impact on the community as a whole will be felt for many years.

Jeff, we are truly grateful for all you have done and will definitely miss you!

Stacey Weldon

The entire CEC board wants to express our thanks to Stacey Weldon for all that she has done for the climbing community in general, and CEC specifically, over the past few years. Her impact forming the Athlete Commission and building it to the point where she could hand it over to a new leader has been significant. The perspective and engagement of our athletes is so crucial to CEC being successful.

Similarly, Stacey’s calm voice and athlete perspectives on the Board have been invaluable. She may not have been our most vocal board member, but It has always been clear that when she talks, everyone listens.

Thank you, Stacey, for putting so much of yourself into CEC. We are truly grateful and appreciate the time, energy and commitment you have invested to make climbing in Canada just that much better. Your contributions will be felt for a long time going forward. We will miss you!

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