CEC Policies, Rules, Guidelines

The CEC Board of Directors adopts, from time to time, policies, rules, and guidelines to help manage the organization’s business. These adopted documents shall be posted here.

Governance Policies

CEC By-Laws (updated September 26, 2023)
2021-2024 Strategic Plan

CEC-GOV-01 – Board Mandate
CEC-GOV-02 – Code of Ethics and Business Conduct
CEC-GOV-03 – Nominating Committee Mandate
CEC-GOV-04 – Compensation Committee Mandate
CEC-GOV-05 – Audit & Risk Committee Charter
CEC-GOV-06 – Conflict of Interest Policy
CEC-GOV-07 – Respect in the Workplace Policy
CEC-GOV-08 – Substance Abuse Policy
CEC-GOV-09 – Delegation of Authority Policy
CEC-GOV-10 – Athletes’ Commission Terms of Reference (updated 2023)
CEC-GOV-11 – Board and Committee Electronic Voting Policy
CEC-GOV-12 – Culture of Excellence and Athlete Centring Committee Terms of Reference

Audited Financial Statements

Year ended March 31, 2023
Year ended March 31, 2022
Six month period ended March 31, 2021
Year ended September 30, 2020
Year ended September 30, 2019
Year ended September 30, 2018
Year ended September 30, 2017 (unaudited)

Safe Sport Policies

Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS)

CEC-SP-01 – Interpretation Policy
CEC-SP-02 – Code of Conduct and Ethics – UCCMS compliant
CEC-SP-03 – Discipline and Complaints Policy – UCCMS compliant
CEC-SP-04 – Appeal Policy
CEC-SP-05 – Athlete Protection Policy
CEC-SP-06 – Screening Policy
CEC-SP-06A – 2022-2023 Screening Requirements
CEC-SP-07 – Transgender Inclusion Policy
CEC-SP-07A – Transgender Inclusion Policy – Rationale

Operations Policies

CEC-OP-01 – Privacy Policy and Website Usage Agreement
CEC-OP-02 – Official Language Policy
CEC-OP-03 – Coaching Committee Terms of Reference (updated 2023)
CEC-OP-05 – Diversity & Inclusion Committee Terms of Reference (updated 2023)
CEC-OP-07 – Para-Climbing Committee Terms of Reference (updated 2023)
CEC-OP-08 – Concussion Policy & Return to Play Protocol (updated 2024)
CEC-OP-08A – Concussion Pre-Season Education Sheet (updated 2024)
CEC-OP-09 – Foreign Nationals Policy (updated 2022)
CEC-OP-10 – Travel Reimbursement Policy
CEC-OP-11 – Refund Policy (updated 2024)

High Performance Policies

CEC-HP-01 – High Performance Program (version Oct 2022)
CEC-HP-02 – Continuous National Ranking (version Oct 2022)
CEC-HP-03 – Event Team Selection (version Jun 23)
CEC-HP-04 – WC Trip Logistics Policy
CEC-HP-05 – Mental Health Emergency Action Plan
CEC-HP-06 – High Performance Governance Committee (HPGC) Terms of Reference
CEC-HP-07 – CNR Working Group (CNR-WG) Terms of Reference
CEC-HP-08 – Performance Advisory Group (PAG) Terms of Reference

Major games Internal Nomination Process

Santiago 2023 Pan American Games – updated June 19/2023 Internal Nomination Process (INP
Paris 2024 Olympic Games – Internal Nomination Process (INP)

Competition Rules

Scheduling Guiding Principles
IFSC Rules of Sport Climbing
CEC Competition Rules

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources Page

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