CEC National Database Program

Jul 19, 2023

In an effort to improve the quality, quantity, and diversity of our Event Leadership Teams , CEC and its Provincial and Territorial Partners are launching a National Database Program in order to collect and store a list of individuals interested in participating in running Competitive Climbing Events.

Event Leadership Teams include:

  • Paid Contractors:
    • Technical Delegate, Jury President, Head Judge
    • Head Setter, Assistant Head Setter, Setter
    • Head Belayer
  • Volunteers:
    • Route Judges, Aspiring Judges
    • Belayers

We are calling all those interested in working for Competitive Climbing Events (from provincial to nationals) to put their name on these new databases through the respective forms below.

Through these databases, we aim to:

  • Create focussed communication lists for each role
  • Create a network to improve education, resources and opportunities
  • Understand the canadian landscape in each role

The first phase of this plan is to collect names and information. In parallel, we will work on developing education resources and programs, which will be offered during phase 2 to participants registered on those lists. The same lists will be used to share opportunities and call for applications.

This new program also aims to collect information that will be used to ensure that hiring practices are diverse, equitable, and of high quality, allowing us to examine our hiring patterns and determine if there are areas that need attention.

If you have any questions or concerns on this program, please contact info@climbingcanada.ca




Can I be on this list if I am not from Canada?
Yes, if you are interested in working events in Canada. When asked about Province of residence, select Outside of Canada.

Can I unsubscribe from this list when I want?
Yes. We will be using Mailchimps for the newsletter, so you can unsubscribe at any time. If you wish for us to delete your entry from the database, please email info@climbingcanada.ca

Will my information be used for any other purpose than the ones listed above?

Does this replace the Event Application Process for each event?
No, but it will simplify the process. When CEC is ready to accept applications, we will send an email to this database, and will have a very short application form for you to fill out.

If I just want to volunteer at events, should I still fill out this form?
Yes. You will be placed on our mailing list, and will receive the volunteering opportunities directly to you, based on the role you selected.

Can I fill out more than one form?
Absolutely. You fill out the form for every role you are interested about.

Can I fill out the form even if I don’t have much experience?
Absolutely. This database will allow us to send you information and opportunities for you to gain more experience, would it be locally, provincially, or nationally.

Any other questions? Email info@climbingcanada.ca

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