CEC Licences

The CEC does not have individuals as members. The members of CEC are the Provincial and Territorial Sports Organizations (PTSOs), as well as the Alpine Club of Canada (ACC). 

A CEC licence (Athlete or Coach) is mandatory for participation in all CEC-sanctionned events and programs (National Series events, National Championships, North American Cup events, etc). Yearly licences are valid from October 1 to September 31 of the following year. Please note that the 11 & Under age group (Youth D) does not compete at Youth Nationals.

Please create a user account here to purchase a CEC competition license, sign your CEC waiver and register for CEC sanctioned events.  There is NO COST to register and use our online registration site. You can build a personal profile and track your competitions as well.


Deadlines for purchasing a competition license is not until you register for your first CEC competition of the season. You DO NOT require a CEC competition license  for PSO or any other competitions or series.

The National Licence is mandatory for:

  • Participation in National Series events
  • Participation in youth and open National Championships (lead, boulder and speed)
  • Receiving national points towards the Continuous National Ranking (CNR)
  • Eligibility and selection to the CEC High Performance Program and Team Canada Events
  • Competing internationally (North American Events, Pan American Events, and IFSC Events)

For other info, please contact: info@climbingcanada.ca 

If you reside and compete in a province with a Provincial and Territorial Sports Organization (PTSO) we encourage you to register with your PTSO for your local, provincial, or territorial competitions. Your provincial membership allows you to participate and be ranked in your Provincial Series, benefit from your PTSO services and vote for your provincial representatives.

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