CEC Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Jun 16, 2020

CEC Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Over the past weeks, Climbing Escalade Canada (CEC) has been struggling to find the words to support the Black Life Matters movement. More than words, we are searching for actions that we can take as an organization to support our members of racialized groups, and to attract and enhance diversity within our community.

In response to our desire to do more, we launch today a Diversity and Inclusion Committee to support our organization’s efforts to address diversity and inclusion within the Canadian climbing community.

What is Diversity and Inclusion?

Diversity and Inclusion is about recognizing, respecting and valuing differences based on ethnicity, gender identity, color, age, race, religion, disability, national origin and sexual orientation. It also addresses an infinite range of unique individual characteristics and experiences, such as communication style, career path, life experience, educational background, geographic location, income level, marital status, military experience, parental status and other variables that influence personal perspectives.


CEC calls out to the community – applications are now open. Send your completed application for to cec.ed@climbingcanada.ca by June 30th, 2020.

D&I Committee’s Terms of Reference & Application Form

CEC Diversity and Inclusion Committee TOR

CEC Diversity and Inclusion Committee – 2020 Application Form

In French: Mandat et formulaire d’application du comité D&I

CEC Diversity and Inclusion Committee Termes

CEC Diversity and Inclusion Committee – Formulaire 2020


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