CEC Announces 2020 Youth National Team Program Staff

Jan 14, 2020

The CEC is excited to announce the selection of the following Team Officials for the 2020 Youth National Team Program (YNTP). The 2020 YNTP Guidelines are available for download.

Head Coach – Chris Neve
The Head Coach is the main point of contact for athletes and parents and is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the Youth National Team Program including:

  • Selection Camps
  • Training and preparation
  • Youth World Championships (YWC) Trip
  • Codes of conduct and behaviour guidelines
  • Discipline

Technical Coach – Patrick Labelle
This new position is responsible for coordinating and directing all technical aspects of the Youth National Team Program including:

  • Training schedules
  • Technical event prep
  • Coordinating at event athlete support (coaching schedules)
  • Athlete observation/evaluation
  • Video and post competition de-briefing

Assistant Coaches
The assistant coaches are responsible for helping plan and deliver the selection camp, accompanying athletes to the YWC and providing technical support at the YWC.

  • Dallas Mix
  • Fred Desgranges
  • Liz Maffett
  • Nani Woollings

Team Manager – Michelle Linhart
The team manager is responsible for arranging logistics around the YWC trip and team communications.

Team Therapist – Dr. Eric St. Onge
The team therapist is responsible for providing athlete injury prevention and treatment programs at Selection Camps and Events.

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