CEC adopts Athlete Protection Policy

Mar 24, 2022

In a continuous effort to ensure a safe sporting environment for all participants, an environment that is free of abuse, harassment and discrimination, the CEC has adopted an Athlete Protection Policy. This new policy is now included in the CEC Safe Sport Manual, which already includes a Code of Conduct, a Screening Policy, and a Discipline and Complaint Policy, amongst others.

The Athlete Protection Policy speaks to the delicate balance between an Athlete and a Coach (or Person in Authority). Everyone has an important role to play to ensure that this relationship is a positive and constructive one. Through this policy, CEC adopts the “Rule of Two”, and defines appropriate conducts in various settings, such as Practices, Locker Rooms, Travels, Communications, etc.

To report an incident, please contact CEC’s Safe Sport Officer, Brian Ward directly at safesport_wwdrs@primus.ca.

To receive additional support, you can also contact the Canadian Sport Help Line.

For any questions or comments, please contact CEC’s Executive Director, Christiane Marceau at ed@climbingcanada.ca


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