CEC 2019-2020 competition venues announced

Aug 26, 2019

CEC 2019/20 Series

During the selection of Venues for Upcoming CEC events 2019 – 2020, the CEC Events Sub-Committee, along with the High Performance Director, made venue selection decisions based upon the following criteria:

1. Venue resources:

  • The venue must have adequate wall space to safely host an event and this includes an appropriate isolation area for athletes.
  • The venue must have adequate viewing space to allow for the proper showcasing of the athletes by both in-house spectators and the live stream audience.
  • The venue must have access to an adequate hold and volume selection so as to engage the athletes in a national or regional event.
  • The venue must have a strong grassroots community that can be looked to for volunteer support of the event to make it a success.

2. Capacity to hold event (track record)

Venue must have a proven track record holding events in the past. Preference will be given to venues that have successfully hosted international, national, regional or provincial events. Venues must also have a proven safety record and support fair employment practices.

3. Annual Geographical Balance

Best efforts will be made to establish a balance between Eastern and Western events so as to distribute costs and responsibilities between the regions.

4. Historical Geographic Balance

Best efforts will be made to reflect upon prior years venue selections when choosing sites for the present calendar year in order to create a balance between the various regions and provinces.

5. Amenities

Access to hotels, restaurants, public transport, parking, airports and training facilities as well as access to media and telecommunications will also be taken into consideration.

6. Operational Status

Venue must be in a complete operational status a minimum one month prior to the event. Venue must have occupancy permits / certificates in place a minimum of one month prior to any event. This means all completions, renovations and modifications must be done before C.E.C. staff, route setters, technical delegates and/or athletes are on site.

7. Transportation costs

Selections will be made keeping the overall costs to athletes and families in mind.

Selections for 2019/2020

Open Boulder Regionals
East – Up the Bloc – Mississauga, ON
West: BoulderHouse – Victoria B.C.
December 14, 2019

Open Boulder Nationals
Altitude – Ottawa ON
January 11-12, 2020

Youth Boulder Regionals
East: Delire – Quebec City QC
West: Calgary Climbing Centre – Chinook
January 25-26 ,2020

Youth Boulder Nationals
The Hive – North Vancouver, B.C.
February 15-17, 2020

Lead/Speed Regionals (Including Open)
East: Horizon Roc – Montreal QC
West: The Boulders – Victoria B.C.
May 1-3, 2020

Lead/Speed Nationals (Including Open)
Richmond Oval* – Richmond B.C.
May 16-18, 2020



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