Canadians with Strong Showing at North American Cup Series Event

Sep 1, 2021

The Maple Leaf was flying high over the weekend as several Canadians competed at the 2021 North American Cup Series stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Final Results can be found here.

All photos on this article have been provided by @theshortbeta

LEAD (Men)
Victor Baudrand followed up on his amazing IFSC World Cup results from the summer, posting a second place behind American Jesse Grupper. Sean Faulkner also made the Lead final, finishing 5th and just a hold behind Victor. Oscar Baudrand finished 18th continuing his impressive inaugural senior competition season. Brandon Barraclough finished 36th.

Lead Men – Final Results
1. Jesse Grupper (USA)
2. Victor Baudrand (CAN)
3. Xander Waller (USA)
5. Sean Fulkner (CAN)
18. Oscar Baudrand (CAN)
36. Brandon Barraclough (CAN)

LEAD (Women)
Allison Vest finished an impressive 4th after “only bouldering for the past month”. Paige Boklaschuk finished 15th in her return to competition.

Lead Women – Final Results
1. Melina Costanza (USA)
2. Maya Madere (USA)
3. Norah Chi (USA)
4. Allison Vest (CAN)
15. Paige Boklaschuk (CAN)

Zach Richardson shook off the rust to finish 5th in his return to competition. Zach used his strength and dynamic style to work through 2 very difficult rounds in both semis and finals. The Baudrand brothers and Sean Faulkner showed their potential in Combined with strong finishes in Boulder as well. Oscar took 10th with his brother Victor in 14th and Sean 18th. Brandon Barraclough finished 35th.

Boulder Men – Final Results
1. Zander Waller (USA)
2. Zach Galla (USA)
3. Simon Hibbeler (USA)
5. Zach Richardson (CAN)
10. Oscar Baudrand (CAN)
14. Victor Baudrand (CAN)
18. Sean Faulkner (CAN)
35. Brandon Barraclough (CAN)

Another Ontarian showed that the time away from competition was put to good use. Madison Fischer finished 5th after climbing well on another difficult couple of rounds. Allison Vest battled to finish 7th just narrowly missing the final. Zoe Beauchemin finished 12th showing she is in good form, while Paige Boklaschuk also made the semi-final, finishing 21st. Riley Galloway finished 33rd.

Boulder Women – Final Results
1. Melina Costanza (USA)
2. Alex Johnson (USA)
3. Cloe Coscoy (USA)
5. Madison Fischer (CAN)
7. Allison Vest (CAN)
12. Zoe Beauchemin (CAN)
21. Paige Boklaschuk (CAN)
33. Riley Galloway (CAN)

Brandon Barraclough finished 14th in speed as the lone Canadian.

Speed Men – Final Results
1. John Brosler (USA)
2. Joe Goodacre (USA)
3. Silas Chang (USA)
14. Brandon Barracloug (CAN)

Speed Women – Final Results
1. Norah Chi (USA)
2. Emma Hunt (USA)
3. Kaitlyn Bone (USA)

The North American Cup Series continues with 3 remaining stops: Bridgeport, PA (Lead & Speed), Richmond, BC (Lead & Speed), and Kanata, ON (Boulder). Registration for the Canadian stops will open shortly, stay tuned for more info!

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