Call for Applications – Volunteer-based Committees

May 9, 2022

CEC is calling for applications for its many Volunteer-based Committees. These Committees are essential to the operation of CEC by providing guidance and support to the organization’s management staff. Each Committee meets 3-4 times per year, pending on workload, and are limited to 10 members.

Applications are open until May 27, 2022. To apply, fill out this APPLICATION FORM.


  • Coaching Committee
    • Goals: To create, review and revise Coach Education Plan for Instruction, Competition Introduction and Competition Development for climbing in Canada; Create a National Coach database; To increase the quality and consistency of coaching at all levels of the sport in Canada; Establish/partner annual coaching conference; To research and evaluate existing coach education modules.


  • Competition Committee
    • Goals: To develop programs and certification levels for officials; To evaluate and recommend the structure for the National Series events; To develop the application and selection process for events and officials, this includes the structure of the selection committee.
    • This committee will be comprised of three sub-committees: Route Setting Sub-Committee, Technical Sub-Committee, Events Sub-Committee.


  • Diversity & Inclusion Committee
    • Goals: Support CEC in understanding the climbing community current state and challenges regarding Diversity & Inclusion; Engage in frequent, candid communication to correct misperceptions about Diversity & Inclusion; Review proposed Policies and Actions in respect to Diversity & Inclusion; Provide guidance to CEC Management and Directors on all things related to Diversity & Inclusion; Align with CEC’s Strategic Plan; Encourage more diversity & inclusivity within the Canadian climbing community in general and the CEC organization specifically, including, but not limited to, staff, directors, committees, volunteers; Develop accountable action items to further the Diversity & Inclusion mandate.


  • High Performance Committee
    • Goals: To create, review and revise HP Plan for climbing with the goal of increasing results at International events; To support HP athletes in all aspects of performance; To research and analyze current data to support HP initiatives


  • Para-Climbing Committee
    • Goals: Researching and reporting on rules and regulations surrounding para-sports; Researching access barriers and solutions; Developing a climbing para-athlete Long Term Athlete Development & Pathway; Working with the IFSC to endorse and implement para-climbing classifications; Developing para-athlete identification system; Aligning with CEC’s Strategic Plan; Developing accountable action items to further the para-climbing inclusion mandate; and, Supporting other initiatives as requested by the ED and/or CEC board of directors (the “Board”).


  • National Team Logistics Committee
    • Goals: Aid in the research, planning, implementation and management of national team logistics for athletes and staff associated with international events; Make recommendations to HPD regarding national team travel policies and procedures.

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