A “rusty” return for Canadian athletes

May 23, 2021

Three Canadians participated in this weekend’s World Cup in Salt Lake City, Utah. As announced on April 12, only a few athletes were given the green light to attend this event, given the various states of lockdown in Canada. Alannah Yip was also given an exception, but chose to not travel at this time.

On the women’s side, Allison Vest had a challenging go on Friday. As she mentioned in her Instagram post, she “was nervous” and “REAL rusty” going into the event with a bit of a finger injury. Nonetheless, excited to be back competing, she finished 29th (in a field of 50), and is ready for another World Cup event next weekend!

On the men’s side, the local crowd was able to cheer on Sean McColl and Oscar Beaudrand. It was Oscar’s first World Cup in the Open division, having turned 16 this year. He learned a lot and finished 43rd (in a field of 55). As for Sean, he said that he was “excited, but man was I rusty.” He ended up finding his stride halfway through boulder 3, a little too late to advance to the semis. He closed the weekend in 33rd place.

Congrats to Natalia Grossman (USA) and Adam Ondra (CZE) on their respective victory!

McColl, Vest, and Baudrand will also be attending the May 28-31 Boulder/Speed World Cup in Salt Lake City. Ethan Pritcher will be joining them, competing in the speed division along with McColl.

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