2022-2023 CEC Qualification Process

Sep 27, 2022

CEC would like to provide clarification around the Qualification Process for the 2022-2023 Senior National Championships (Boulder and Lead). In summary, there are two qualification pathways available for CEC Senior National Events – either through a pre-qualification process for high performance athletes, or through a provincial qualification process. For more specific questions, see the FAQ below.

Pre-Qualification Pathway

  • Athletes currently in the High Performance Program will receive a direct invitation to National Events, based on the following disciplines:
    • Boulder and/or Combined athletes will be pre-qualified for Boulder Nationals
    • Lead and/or Combined athletes will be pre-qualified for Lead Nationals
    • Speed athletes will be pre-qualified for Speed Nationals
  • Reigning National Champions in the Youth A, Youth B, and Junior Divisions will also receive a direct invitation to National Events, based on the discipline they have won, and based on their eligibility (year of birth)
  • These pre-qualified athletes will not take away quotas from the Provincial Qualification Pathway presented below.
  • A list of pre-qualified athletes is available here.


Provincial/Territorial Qualification Pathway

  • Everyone else will be required to qualify through the Provincial or Territorial Qualification Pathway
  • Each Provincial and Territorial Sport Organizations (PTSO) will start with a fixed number of quota spots for the National Championships.
  • Each province and territory have autonomy to decide how they will fill these quotas.
  • Unused quota spots from any province or territory for each discipline will be re-allocated to other provinces and territories in a fair and equitable process shared in advance with the provinces and territories.


Foreign National Policy

  • Based on the CEC Foreign National Policy, all Canadian residents, either Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Newcomer, are all treated the same way as it relates to participation in CEC events.
  • Only Canadian Citizens will be allocated Continuous National Ranking (CNR) points.
  • Canadian Citizens living outside of Canada must qualify through the Provincial/Territorial Qualification Pathway, but do not affect the PTSO Quotas.
  • Athletes affiliated with another National Federation (NF) must apply to be invited into CEC Events. Application details will be made available shortly.
  • If you are unsure where you fit, please contact your PTSO as per the contacts below.


2022-2023 Senior National Quotas and Contact

Alberta Climbing Association (ACA)
BOULDER: 15 Male / 15 Female
LEAD: 15 Male / 15 Female
Email: aca@albertaclimbing.org

British Columbia
Sport Climbing BC (SCBC)
BOULDER: 15 Male / 15 Female;
LEAD: 15 Male / 15 Female
Email: registrar@sportclimbingbc.ca

Climbing Association of Manitoba (CAM)
BOULDER: 2 Male / 2 Female;
LEAD: 2 Male / 2 Female
Email: climbmanitoba@gmail.com

New Brunswick
BOULDER: 2 Male / 2 Female;
LEAD: 2 Male / 2 Female
Email: sportclimbingnb@gmail.com

Nova Scotia
Climb Nova Scotia
BOULDER: 2 Male / 2 Female;
LEAD: 2 Male / 2 Female;
Email: climbnovascotia@gmail.com

Ontario Climbing Federation (OCF)
BOULDER: 15 Male / 15 Female;
LEAD: 15 Male / 15 Female
Email: info@climbontario.ca

Fédération québécoise de la montagne et de l’escalade (FQME)
BOULDER: 15 Male / 15 Female;
LEAD: 15 Male / 15 Female
Email: competition@fqme.qc.ca

Climb Yukon
BOULDER: 2 Male / 2 Female;;
LEAD: 2 Male / 2 Female;
Email: climbyukonassociation@gmail.com

All other provinces or territories (PEI, NL, SK, NV, NWT):
BOULDER: 2 Male / 2 Female; for each
LEAD: 2 Male / 2 Female; for each
Email: info@climbingcanada.ca



What about qualification for Speed and/or Youth Events?
More info is to come regarding the Speed Series and the Youth Combined Series.

Do I need to participate in both Boulder and Lead events?
No, you don’t have to participate in both disciplines. Qualification is based by discipline. You can do one or both but you will need to qualify for each independently.

What if there are no PTSOs in my province/territory?
If you want to qualify provincially, but live in a province with no PTSO, please contact CEC and we will advise on the process. Email info@climbingcanada.ca

What is the eligibility age for Senior Nationals?
The Senior category is open to athletes aged 16 and older on December 31, 2023. Athletes must be born 2007 and before. See more details here.

What if I am a Canadian Citizen and live in the USA, but want to qualify for CEC Nationals?
You must attend a provincial qualification event in order to qualify. However, you do not count toward the provincially allocated quotas – we have a special number of quotas for athletes residing outside of Canada. Please email info@climbingcanada.ca to identify yourself and ask for assistance.

I am not a Canadian Citizen but live in Canada – can I still participate in CEC’s Events?
Yes! CEC has the position that all Canadian residents, regardless of their citizenship status, can participate in sports until International Rules apply. The Foreign National Policy outlines the details for Foreign National participants.

Will spectators be allowed at these events?
Yes, spectators will be allowed based on gym capacity and the competitions will also be available on livestream.

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