2021 IFSC World Championships

Sep 15, 2021

Team Canada

Did you know that Team Canada has 6 athletes representing our country at the 2021 IFSC World Championships taking place this week in Moscow, Russia?!

Well yes! Here is the list of athletes competing. There is a great feature on them in Gripped Magazine.

Guy McNamee – Lead and Boulder
Riley Galloway – Boulder
Zach Richardson – Boulder
Madison Fischer – Boulder
Ethan Pitcher – Speed
Kindar McNamee – Lead

The event starts on September 16 with the Speed discipline, and ends on September 21st. It will be a big week of action!



September 16

The WCH kicked off with the speed event today. Unfortunately, It was a disappointing one for Ethan Pitcher, the lone Canadian speed entry . A false start in qualifying means Ethan will not have a chance to advance to round of 16. Ethan has been producing great times in training leading up to Moscow and will have to wait for another opportunity to put it all together in competition. Look out for the Canadian Boulderers starting tomorrow.

September 17

Day 2 and the boulderers time to take the stage.

In the women’s, Madison Fischer and Riley Galloway hit the mats to rep the Maple Leaf.

Maddie finished a strong 25th, just outside semis with 2 tops and 3 zones. This is her best IFSC Senior result and shows she is trending in the right direction.

Riley managed to find just 1 zone and finished tied 71st. This was her first ever IFSC Senior event and she will no doubt learn from the experience and look to better results in the future.

On the men’s side, Guy McNamee and Zach Richardson joined a large and strong field.

Guy managed to find a top on boulder 1 and 3 zones to finish 51st in his inaugural IFSC Senior competition. Zach had a little more trouble only managing 2 zones to finish 65th.

Look for Canadians in Lead Qualifying on the 20th.

September 20

The McNamee twins took to the lead wall today in Moscow.

Kindar made a strong effort on Q2 to post a height score of 24+ and a rank of 31 on that route. Q1 was a different story for Kindar (his second route of the day). The technical section at 1/3 height got the better of him and he managed a height score of 16+ for a rank of 78. Overall, Kindar posted a respectable final qualifying rank of 53.

Guy had almost the opposite day to his twin. On Q2 (his first route of the day), Guy made a technical error and fell at hold 22 just below Kindar. The difference of only 2 holds resulted in a rank of 48 on Q2 for Guy, showing how punishing Lead can be. Q1 was a bit better for Guy as he managed through the technical mid section for a height score of 22+ and rank of 59. Final Qualifying rank for Guy of 59.

That wraps up the 2021 WCH for Canadian Athletes and with the unfortunate cancellation of all remaining WCs including Seoul, we turn or attention to NACS events and Senior Boulder Nationals to finish a difficult 2021 on a positive note.

Where to watch?

CEC will do its best to update results regularly. Moscow is 7hrs ahead of the Eastern Time Zone, and 10hrs ahead of the Pacific Time Zone.


Wednesday 15 September

  • 10:00 AM Para-Climbing Qualification

Thursday 16 September

  • 10:00 AM Para-Climbing Qualification
  • 12:15 PM Men’s & Women’s Speed qualifications
  • 8:00 PM Men’s & Women’s Speed finals

Friday 17 September

Saturday 18 September

Sunday 19 September

Monday 20 September

  • 10:00 AM Men’s & Women’s Lead qualifications

Tuesday 21 September

  • 10:00 AM Men’s & Women’s Lead semi-finals
  • 8:00 PM Men’s Lead final
  • 9:00 PM Women’s Lead final


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