2021 HPP Athletes – Congratulations!

Feb 24, 2021

CEC is excited to announce the selected athletes to the 2021 High Performance Program (HPP). These athletes were invited to join the program through its first annual intake, based on their results in the Continuous National Ranking (CNR).

The 2021 athletes will receive support from CEC’s National Head Coach, Libor Hroza and CEC’s High Performance Director, Andrew Wilson. They will also be enrolled in their provincial Canadian Sport Institute, and into the Canadian Center for Ethic in Sport (CCES) Anti-Doping Program. Should CEC attend international events in 2021, these athletes will be the ones to watch!

Join us in congratulating them on their amazing achievement! Go Canada Go!

Female Athletes

  • Alannah Yip (L, B, C, S)
  • Allison Vest (L, B, C)
  • Indiana Chapman (L, C)
  • Justine McCarney (B)
  • Lia Wieckowski (C)
  • Madison Fischer (B)
  • Paige Boklaschuk (L, B, C)
  • Rebecca Frangos (L. C)
  • Riley Galloway (B, S)
  • Sophie Buitendyk (L)

Male Athletes

  • Brennan Doyle (S)
  • Dylan Le (S)
  • Ethan Pitcher (S)
  • Guy McNamee (L, B, C)
  • Lucas Uchida (L, B, C)
  • Nathan Smith (L, B, C)
  • Oscar Baudrand (C)
  • Sean Faulkner (L)
  • Sean McColl (L, B, C)
  • Tosh Sherkat (C)
  • Victor Baudrand (L)
  • Zach Richardson (B)

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